This site is made using HttpSoft's PSR-7 implementations and some self-made components for routing, dependency injection and configuration. This ends up being about twice as fast (computing time) as my previous solution which used SlimPHP. There's also a few easter eggs you can try to find.



Fenrir is a low-level wrapper over Discords APIs/gateway. Can be used to create highly optimized Discord bots & apps in PHP.


Bifrost is a low-level HTTP library for Discord's REST APIs. It handles ratelimiting in a multi-process compatible way.

Bread Bot

Bread bot is a simple discord bot that allows you to collect points (called bread). These points can then be used to gamble and play minigames with.


Collection of smaller packages.


An implementation for PSR-11 ContainerInterface which can automatically resolve dependencies. Similar to Laravel's container.


A HTTP router for routing PSR-7 requests. Supports multi-domain, grouping and uses regex for its pattern matching. Multi-domain support out of the box and can be easily extended to support most usecases. The use of regex for the routing allows it to be extremely fast compared to other solutions which use a more user friendly format.


Object oriented library for event-based logic. Works similarly to evenement/evenement, but allows you to split up listeners into seperate classes which can be preferable for more complex requirements.

ReactPHP Retrier

Some exceptions are temporary, this library allows you to easily retry failed async operations.


Easy to use, framework-agnostic migrations using the filesystem. Designed to not have any external dependencies, can be used for everything from migrating databases to adding a new default value to environment files that isn't in source control.