Npm Packages

Parrot Generator

Parrot generator is a fun NPM package to generate party parrots based on your input image. It supports both local files and remote images.

Timing Service

A library to easily schedule tasks at certain times of day. Works like cron during runtime, emits events at the desired times


GoDaddy DNS Update

Automatically updates the ipv4 address on a domain registered through GoDaddy. Used while I was hosting some minor things from home.


This is meant as a replacement for traditional forums like XenForo. This is a project I chip away at every once in a while. It is made using fastify and works via an API rather than generating HTML output.


Discord Color Changer

This project allows you to inject a custom color scheme into the Discord desktop app. This makes use of the chrome devtools protocol and only makes modification at runtime.

Electron Inject

A more generic way of injecting JS/CSS into electron/chromium based applications. This makes use of the chrome devtools protocol and only makes modification at runtime.



Exan is an open source Discord bot to handle self-assignable roles. This bot has multi language support and has seen great success. It has grown to being used in several hundred Discord servers.

DHP Core

DHP Core is a client library I've created to interact with the Discord websocket API. This client authenticates and then keeps the connection alive with the use of heartbeats. As my goal for this project was simplicity, this does not use ReactPHP and is therefore not optimal for production use. This project is archived and will not receive updates.

Bread Bot

Bread bot is a simple discord bot that allows you to collect points (called bread). These points can then be used to gamble and play minigames with.


This bot allows you to create a conglomerate of channels that stay in sync with each other through the use of webhooks.


This is meant to be a wrapper around the Serenity Discord crate. It allows you to write discord bots in shell languages using env and stdout. Currently it only supports sending/receiving messages.


This site was made using my own framework called Rxak. It features an admin login where the Projects and Categories can be configured.

Inventory Management

A simple inventory management tool I made. This tool was made with Laravel as a learning project.



A collection of command line automations scripts I've made and use. Including batch renaming, muting video audio etc.


A small tool I made for automated backups over SSH. It creates a hard copy .tar.gz, one copy locally stored on the machine being backed up, another copy encrypted & uploaded to an external SFTP server.